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Can toxic people change?

I think toxic people can change, I see it every day in my office.

Change happens if they really want to change and realize that they are hurt in some way.

Talking about toxic people is a very fashionable topic these days.

Lately, it seems like everyone is toxic. In fact, we are all potentially toxic in some way.

So what does it mean to be toxic?

In my experience, when there is something in our lives that has not been resolved and that we carry as trauma, a separation occurs with ourselves. This leads to different abusive behaviors: violent language, emotional or mental control or they may appear in other ways.

For this reason, when we talk about toxic people, I think it is very important that we do not judge the person, nor classify them as bad. We must see them as wounded people. Depending on the level of the wound and how they express it, it may be important to break that relationship and walk away. Sometimes it is the only option. But it is not necessary to generalize, it depends on the person. It is possible to find a way to understand them.

When we are involved in a toxic relationship it is important to see this relationship as a Co-creation, what I mean by this is, this relationship is created by the two people for unconscious reasons. I always say that there is no wrong relationship. In every relationship we have there is an opportunity to know ourselves better, to see our pain and suffering. The purpose of all our relationships is to learn to love ourselves more deeply through the experiences and dynamics that we create with others.

Being "toxic" is not a personal choice, it is rooted in very deep unconscious pain. It is our personal responsibility to take courage and look compassionately at our darkest side and stop pointing fingers at what we perceive as “toxic” outside of ourselves.

The antidote to heal our toxic relationships is courage, compassion and wisdom!

Toxic relationships are over!

Learn to create healthy relationships where you are able to:

Love yourself
Create healthy limits
Communicate consciously
Discover what blocks you emotionally and spiritually
Connect with your personal power

This program prepares you at all levels so you can  

When relationships become toxic, it can be difficult to feel heard and understood.

  • Discover what's under the conflict of the relationship and how to solve it.
  • Become aware of the toxic patterns that are constantly repeated.
  • Explore the four main wounds: abandonment and rejection, separation, control and fear.
  • Heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of who you are.
  • Learn a holistic approach that analyzes relationships and behavior, understanding the unconscious and emotional worlds of others.

What is a TOXIC Relationship?

A relationship built on infidelity and dishonesty.

A relationship full of everyday drama.

A relationship that sucks the happiness out of you.

A relationship that is stagnant and without growth.

A relationship without friendship at its base.

A physically and emotionally abusive relationship.

A relationship with an extremely controlling partner.


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Maria J. Lopez helps people to become empowered in their relationships in the truest sense of the word. She has done this through her work with people over the past 20 years and has created a framework that gives clarity in all relationships - the most important of which is the relationship with the self.

Every single moment LIFE is bringing you the opportunity to LOVE yourself more!"


Yeah! Maria was very insightful.. I'd love to hear her talk again. Started on one of her books as well. Very good evening!

Paul, Dublin

Very impressed that Maria Jesus trained across all human energy fields. It is true that we cannot deal with them in isolation when all connected. Very interesting talk... I came away with lots to think about and having learned something which rates any talk for me. Thank you Maria Jesus!

Diana, Dublin

This was a fantastic workshop. Maria Jesus gave a great overview of how to co-create empowered relationships. I was immediately inspired to apply everything that I learned my own relationships. I have already had a lot of insight into how and where things have been going wrong for me and I have some tips to help me move forward in a more conscious way. Maria Jesus is a wonderful presenter, I hope to attend one of her more in depth workshops and would highly recommend her for relationship help.

Patrice, Dublin

Maria and her team were very professional and respectful of all who were in attendance and I think is was the key and basis for this kind of work. I will be attending a workshop later in the year as a result and I would recommend her work to others too.

Maria, Dublin

Since the beginning of the year I have been experiencing frequencies and vibrations which I've been trying to understand better. Attending Maria's workshop provided the guidance and insight I was seeking. The universe shines its light on everyone. Much love to all :-)

Richard, Dublin

Maria's attunement evening almost blew me away! The energies were amazing and the love and peace was very tangible, it was a wow evening,

Hari, Dublin

I really had a great night. Maria Jesus was very interesting to listen to and I met some interesting people at the seminar...

Siobhan, Dublin

Maria was a wonderful speaker who expressed her ideas clearly and without arrogance. She was very interactive and encouraged everyone to ask questions all the way through which created a nice dynamic between herself and everyone in the audience.

Bebhinn, Dublin

Maria was a great presence on stage really warm and welcoming and full of good energy. She is very talented and is able to communicate what she needs to say very clearly. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and share energies. Thank you all. Looking forward to the next one.

Ridge, Dublin

This was an enriching and inspiring evening. It was great to experience so many of us speaking our truths...all in a very heart felt way. Thanks to everyone that spoke, obviously Maria was fabulous:-). I love her energy and I would love to attend one of her seminars!

Chantalle, Dublin

Thank you so much to Maria for a very informative evening.... her approach is easily graspable & makes obvious sense to implement! A beautiful woman with a beautiful message. :)

Claire, Dublin

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"Empowered Relationships are about learning to love yourself more through the experience of being with someone else, whether that's your parents, friends, family members, co-workers, etc.

If you don't like who you are in the presence of someone know that you have no power to change them but you have all the power to change the perception of who you are by learning to become more assertive and aware of the unconscious 'games' that you are playing out."

Freedom happens when we take charge and see things for what they really are. When we are able to see ourselves beyond the reflection of who we think ourselves to be!

Toxic Relationships

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