I'm so excited to be lunching "How to create empowered relationships on-line course".
Many of you that live abroad or that prefer to study in the comfort of your own home have been asking me about online courses for a while now. I have put this program together, it's full of video footage, Mp3 meditations, course notes and a 1 to 1 session with me at the end to review the work.

 "This course opened up my awareness and brought great clarity to my own relationship with myself, allowing me to show up more fully, openly and in great vulnerability with my partner!"
Sile Walsh

"Thanks so much for your wonderful course, it has been very healing and all of the information within has really been what I needed to hear, thank you so much for putting together such a beautiful course and for coming through what you came through and going on to do such wonderful work"
Emer Costello

"Heartfelt thanks for such a really wonderful course, I'm quite sure it'll change my life. I can already feel my attitude to life is very different and you explain the soul's journey in such a clear way"

" I really recommend this course. You will not regret doing it. Maria has devised a wonderful course that makes what an empowered relationship is 100% clear. Really worth doing"


The syllabus

Each workshop covers a different important theme.

Week 1.  Inner Male & Inner Female

The energies of both genders and why we need to integrate them. We explore the concept of duality.

Week 2. Mother  &  Father Wound 

We can only give love if we have it for ourselves, we cannot give what we do not have, and the same is true of our parents. We learn how to connect with our inner-parents so we can parent our inner-child.

Week 3. The Inner - Child

How to give them what they need so that they stop running the show!

Week 4. The Victim Archetype 

Responsibility and blame, how we attract what we currently are.

Week 5. The Saboteur Archetype 

Resistance and fear of change, the gift that fear brings how to act in accordance with your own values.

Week 6. Rejection / True Source of Love  

Understand why no one has the power to reject or abandon you and what is the true source of love.

Week 7. Separation / Connection 

Learn what separation is, co-dependency, connection with the self, balance and centred ease.

Week 8. Fear / Trust 

Discover how to identify illusionary ego fear and come from a place of love and self trust.

Week 9. Control / Freedom  

Learn how to have healthy boundaries true freedom and let go of the need to control

Week 10. Empowered Relationships 1 to 1 Skype or in person private session.

How it all relates together, the fundamentals simplified as tools for life wrap and review.

€ 250 

Benefits of the Course

  There are two types of suffering; conscious and unconscious. Understanding suffering consciously  - learn the gifts and opportunity it brings.

   How to empower yourself to become whole again.

   How to separate from your drama and that of your loved ones.

   Recognizing and healing negative inner voices and parental voices.

   Self trust love and acceptance.

   True presence.

   Non judgement.


   Learn how we attract our hidden parts and how to integrate those parts.

   Become aware of how to set healthy boundaries.

   Learn about the people and situations that cause you pain - how we can integrate  assertive healthy empowerment.

   Non judgment of our own and others’ pain.

   Learn who and what you attract changes as you become more aware and integrate your wounds.

   Learn about guilt and responsibility for others feelings - their beliefs and realities are causing the pain in the same way that your beliefs and expectation cause your own pain.

   Learn to take ownership of your own stuff.

   Gain freedom and honesty in your choices and actions.

   Learn about the multiple aspect of ourselves and how difficult situations trigger younger wounded aspects.

   The qualities of the soul - what we are all striving back toward, and how embodying these qualities help to navigate our choices from a positive feeling honest place.