Dear Friends,

It's with great fear & excitement that I'm writing this.

This is one of those moments in life that I talk about all the time, you are standing in the middle of the ocean in your surf board and this gigantic wave appears and you have two options, you give your power to fear and the water swallows you or you gather your courage, self- belief and determination and you ride the wave as if your life depends on it. I've decided to go for it and ride the wave! AHHHHHHHH!

When I started my healing journey back in 1998 I had a very clear insight. "IT ENDS WITH ME!" All of this healing I was doing was for my children so that they wouldn't have to carry generations of unresolved emotional baggage. Almost 20 years later those children are here and when I look at them I know that they have a better chance to living their heights potential because of the work I've done.

Today I know that if we want a better world this transformation needs to happen in the family unit. Starts with both mother and father taking responsibility for their own emotional well being. Ask yourself this question: How would've your life been different if your parents had known that they could empowered themselves and let go of unhealthy, destructive and repressing patterns?

Your parents and my parents probably didn't know that they could free themselves from their own childhood, that they could live a life free of trauma and that they could love and accept their children unconditional. But WE know that life doesn't need to be a struggle, WE know that the family unit can be a nourishing- empowering place for children to flourish. Let's let EVERYONE know this!

Everything that I've done in my life has led me to this point and I feel strongly about this. My life mission is to help the parents of the WORLD to love themselves more so that we can have a more loving and authentic society by relating to children in a more conscious way. The Children are our future and everyone of us is responsible for helping humanity evolve.

As I've been developing the material for my upcoming book "Healing the Inner-Family" for almost 20 years, I have seen how thousands of lives have been transformed by the work I do, in fact, you are probably one of those. It is now time to bring it to the next level. I feel it's my duty to make this work available to everyone but I can't do it alone, I need your support. Does my life mission resonate with you? Would you also like to actively be involved in healing the old parent-child relationship?

I need to raise funds to cover editing, marketing, graphic design, book production, etc

One thing we all have in common, we have a mother and a father.
Ultimately, the relationship we have with them from the moment of conception will have an important influence in the person we come to be and in our perception of the world around us.
In this book, my focus is on exploring the unhealthy or wounded interactions with our parents, how this can block us from being our true selves and can deprive us from the energy and opportunities to fulfil our highest potential.
I explore in detail the relational triangle of Mother-Father-Child as a way to find Inner-Freedom and Fulfilment and heal these core wounds.
This process is about identifying the internalized mother and father voices. It’s not so much about ‘changing’ or ‘’blaming’ your parents for what has gone wrong in your life but about bringing into awareness their woundedness that has become your own as a way to find your true self and live in freedom.

This is how you can help me:

  • €70 You will receive 2 signed copies of "Healing the Inner-Family" book, a VIP pass for the launch party and a little surprise.
  • €170 You will receive the above plus a life changing 1 to 1 session with me and knowing that you are making a difference.
  • €500 plus I'll mention your name in the acknowledgement section of the book so you can show everyone!
  • €1200 plus you can join the 10 week on-line program in How to Create Empowered Relationships and super good KARMA for helping heal the WORLD!

I'm also open to other investments or any ideas to raise this money.

Thank you for reading this.

Maria Jesus