Posted by Maria Jesus Marin Lopez on Friday, April 27, 2012

As I observe different events and people and how the acting-reacting cycle keeps repeating itself, I ask myself: What is the difference between superstition and truth?

The same event can be perceived in many different ways depending on the beliefs and background. Recently, I had a family that came to see me suspecting that their younger child was under some kind of “black magic spell” as he was experiencing some stomach and teeth pain that were preventing him from going to school. The very caring and loving parents had brought their son to different doctors and after many tests, they all pointed at him being a healthy kid. In the parent’s country of originblack magic” is very real and when they came to see me they were expecting me to confirm their fears. At first, I did an energy session but I didn’t find anything alarming. The second time they came, I had a different approach. We explore the possibility of him being bullied at school, but that wasn’t it. As we moved deeper I saw a very charming little boy who had his parents around his finger and he had learned that if he cried and pretended to be sick he wouldn’t have to go to school and also as a way of getting many privileges.

Specially the mother was quite disappointed that his “little king” wasn’t under the effects of some negative projection but that he was an expert manipulator.

With this I’m not accepting or denying the existence of psychic attack. I feel the question to ask is a very different one: Who is in control of your life in any giving situation? The fear of being attacked or the courage to  learn and better yourself?

Things happen in life, some are judged as good and others as bad. When I look at any event as an opportunity to learn to know a part of me or to empower a part of me it’s then when I’m looking at life as a symbol to self-mastery.

In my opinion superstition is created from a place of fear where we believe that somehow we are at danger or that we are going to be attacked by someone or something. Superstition brings us to a place of dis-empowerment and victim frame of mind.

Truth, in the other hand, offers empowerment and a desire to learn and move forward.