Emotions: Loving Wisdom

April 27, 2012

We can only be empowered in LOVE when we learn to LOVE:  compassionately, courageously and wisely.

I  believe that there are many ways to live in this world. Everybody has their own way to
see and experience life. We experience the world through our own perception. But we
have been trained and sometimes even ‘brainwashed’ into having the same view of life.
Wanting the same things and wanting to achieve the same goals.

At the moment I hear and see a lot of people going through a lot of suffering. Somehow
the bubble of ungrounded happiness has burst.

Without feelings we would be like robots. It is our feelings and emotions, our likes and
dislikes, that gives our life meaning.
It is through our emotions that we experience great happiness and joy but also we
experience the deepest of suffering. Some of us can feel so overwhelmed by the
suffering that we start acting like robots, repressing all feeling.

We don’t want to suffer.

When we don’t want to suffer we are actually creating more suffering. We find different
ways to brush those feelings under the carpet until one day that pile will make us fall.

When I feel sad I feel alone, I feel unloved and I feel that nobody cares for me. I feel also
that I can not share myself. Sadness and isolation come very close together.
When I Listen to that sadness I Know that sadness is giving me a valuable gift. That
sadness is giving me very important information.

Listen to that sadness with your Heart and not just with your Head!

Breathe into your heart now, just listen to the beat of your heart.
Visualize your heart divided in two parts.
A white part and a black part.
The white part holds love, happiness and joy.
The black part holds sadness, heartache and betrayal.
Visualize the black part turning into a Teacher, it can be male or female and it holds the
energy of the Higher Teacher. This is a wise teacher, ask what he/she is trying to teach
you. Ask him/her what is the purpose of your sadness.
Ask the teacher to show you how to deal with sadness in a more constructive way so
you can acknowledge the presence of sadness and learn whatever it is that you need to
learn and then allow sadness to move on.
It is just like the seasons. One season comes and another one goes. That is a natural
cycle of life, sadness comes and sadness goes. Allow yourself to make peace with

How can you learn to love yourself when you are in the presence of

You are not your sadness. Sometimes we can create an identity around what we feel.
Sometimes we separate the emotions that we like to feel from the ones we don’t.
We judge all of the “negative emotions” because we don’t want them, we are afraid of
them, ultimatly we don’t understand their purpose.
We don’t want sadness, grief, anger, etc. by not wanting them we are judging them and
we are blocking the opportunity to break free. These “negative emotions” like anger and
sadness, are here to show us something about ourselves.

Emotions are messengers of the Heart.

In essence of all of these emotions are here to help us and they are all here to be felt
and to learn from them. But they are not here to be against us, that is our doing.
Sadness is neither good nor bad. But what I CHOOSE (consciously or unconsciously) to
do with that sadness could be constructive or destructive.
To feel is part of being alive. You can learn to surf your feelings or you can let the wave
drawn you.


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