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whether you are a victim of envy 
or if you cannot transcend it,

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Envy steals your time and energy
Envy divides your attention
Envy dismisses your uniqueness
Envy detaches you from your heart
Envy drains your creativity
Envy denies you the right to fulfill your soul’s desires
Envy imprisions your passion
Envy separates you from joy and grace
Envy makes you forget who you truly are
Envy moves you away from your essence
Envy buries you in the darkest dark
Envy brings you into war, transforming you into a deadly warrior
Envy blinds you from appreciating the beauty of the world
Envy prohibits you from experiencing bliss
Envy speaks the language of destruction and desolation
Envy makes you hurt and hate
Envy poisons your mind and heart
Envy speaks the language of manipulation
Envy never sleeps, never stops
Envy feeds on your feelings of inadequacy
Envy will encourage feelings of resentment, pain, sadness
Envy has the capacity to hunt and torture you
Envy will torment you
Envy will make you see what is not there
Envy will drive you to rage
Envy will banish you from the world of love
Envy will suck your life force
Envy will tell you half truths and lies
Envy will push you to the edge of insanity
Envy will become your master and you’ll be its slave
Envy will make you see the other as the source of your unhappiness
Ultimately, if you don’t find the power to transcend it, envy will destroy you

Envy arises when our beliefs are rooted in scarcity. 
Envy lives in a world full of limitations and restrictions, envy believes that if someone has something (success, love, work, money, etc.) she can't have it, envy wants to take away from the other so they can appropriate it. 
Envy is competitive, manipulative, separatist. Envy imprisons you in a cell of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual poverty.
To truly transcend envy we must learn to see the world fluently. An abundant world, full of opportunities and possibilities. A world where there is more than enough for everyone.
To integrate the darker side of envy we must balance GIVING and RECEIVING, in this way our heart opens to life and thus we can claim our right to an abundant life, full of love towards ourselves and empathizing with others. Abundance does not mean having more or being more. Abundance is flowing freely expanding our consciousness.
Comparison encourages envy. 
When we have been compared with someone, with someone ‘better’, we learn that we are not good enough, that there is something in us that is wrong, that is not good. Comparisons affect our self-esteem, our objective vision of who we are. Envy makes us see "the good" in the other emphasizing "the bad" in us.
Every time we feel envious and don't know how to manage it in a productive way, it reminds us of how mediocre we are, the lack of talent we have, how dumb and ugly we are, how poor, etc.
When we have healthy self-esteem we don't feel envy, we feel admiration. We can recognize success in the other without shading our own success.
When we know how to accept our virtues and defects and recognize that each person has virtues and defects, we free ourselves from living in envy.
When we have a healthy vision of who we are and the different stages of life, we understand and flow with the rhythms of creation and destruction. The time to sow seeds, the waiting time, the time to collect the fruit and the time of rest. We recognize these rhythms in ourselves and in others, we know that our time to reap the rewards of our effort will come.
Envy invites us to be outer-directed. Self-love invites us to be inner-directed.

What happens when we project our envy onto someone else? We need to keep in mind that our thoughts and emotions send powerful bursts of energy onto our environment and/or onto someone else.
Can someone be affected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by someone else being envious of them?
The answer is YES!
How can this happen? How can I prevent this from happening?
We are energy and energy vibrates. There’s an universal law that states that “like attracts like” and “opposites attract”

Envy can potentially harm someone with low self esteem.

Someone that has been a victim of envy might have blamed themselves and have decided consciously or unconsciously to bring their light down. They might wrongly believe that if they don’t shine to their full potential that will prevent envy from noticing them. These victims have learnt to play their lives too small, too insignificant, repressing their talents behind a wall of protection that isolates them from the world of love, flow and abundance.

Protection always implies attack. Our protection can be fear base if we experience lack of freedom, sadness, isolation, etc. or our protection can be love based when we give ourselves permission to be lovingly free, when we magnetize our energy field with healthy boundaries anchored is self-esteem.

- Gratitude. When we practice gratitude for what we have, what we do and for who we are we dissolve envy.

4 States of being that heal envy.

- Love. We work on our personal growth. We invest time and energy into looking at our shadow so that we can transcend it.

- Joy. We learn to celebrate all that we are so that we can celebrate all that someone else is.

- Oneness. We connect with our spiritual dimension where we know that when someone shines and succeeds we all do, because we are all together in this.

Sometimes envy starts with a false sense of admiration towards someone. 
When we put someone on a pedestal we put ourselves in a hole underground. We only see their greatness and somehow we feed from that, we might feel we are great because we are their friend, or student, or family member, etc. we feel proud of them as if their greatness belonged to us. We might start quoting them, dressing like them, somehow changing ourselves to become them, to be as great as they are. This delusion seems to bring great closeness, connection even love, until we arrive at the turning point and we see reality. The reality that we have created is that they are on a shiny pedestal and we are in dark hole underground. At this moment the bitter soul destroying envy comes in at full power. At this moment our gole is to destroy this person at all costs. Envy will manipulate, gossip, lie, destroy their reputation, psychicly attack, etc. envy will start a war to alienate and to bring darkness into what once was perceived as the brightest light.
Envy always forgets about its own light. Envy wrongly believes that if the lights outside are dimmed down everything will be ‘in order’ .
Envy must learn to bring its focus inwardly and feed its own fire. Envy must learn that we all have the birthright to aim to be our best. Envy must learn to see the world as a place of support, connectedness and uniqueness.

What’s the spiritual lesson of envy?
Envy remind us that we have abandoned ourselves.
Someone that is possessed by envy didn’t receive the acknowledgment that they deserved.
They were compared to some “better”.
Envy indicates that the person wasn’t seen, heard and valued in the way that they needed it.
Because of this they learned that they weren’t good enough.
Envy pushes as to look outside ourselves because it’s too painful to look inside.
Envy allows us to recognize that our low self esteem and lack of self love is fixated onto someone else’s achievements, talents or possessions as a way to rob them of it so that we can be somehow whole.
When we become aware of this we understand that the only way to feel worthy is by looking in and valuing who we are.
Envy can become a psychic weapon that has the ability to invade someone else’s energy and block it. This psychic attack can be felt by the victim at all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For this attack to influence someone, the victim must have a similar wound in that they have low self esteem and lack of self love. The victim might blame themselves and consciously or unconsciously decide to dim their light as a way to protect themselves but in fact this makes them more prone to be influenced by envy.
The only way to not be influenced by envy is to give ourselves permission to be all that we are. Heal our wounds. Claim our birthright to express our talents and gifts in its full glory.
Envy can become our greatest teacher. Envy can become our bridge to wholeness.