7 Rays & Ascended Masters


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Saturday 17th May 10am - 5pm
Pay €50 non-refundable deposit to secure your place.
Dublin Holistic Center, 28th South William st. Dublin 2

7 Rays & Ascended Masters

€ 50 

 Working with the Ascended Masters and The 7 Rays of Creation

We are creators. We create our own lives.

El Morya - 1st Ray - Blue - Power - Throat Chakra
Goodwill, Faith, Leadership, Will, Speech        Word of wisdom, Faith in divine will       

Lord Lanto - 2nd Ray -Yellow - Wisdom - Crown Chakra       
Understanding, Judgement, illumination,Discernment        Word of wisdom, word of

Paul the Venetian -3rd Ray - Pink -Love - Heart Chakra     
Compassion, Charity, Creativity, Beauty        Discerning of spirits        

Seraphis Bey  - 4th Ray  - White -Purity  - Root Chakra       
Discipline, Joy, Hope, Excellence        Working of Miracles       

Hilarion - 5th Ray - Green - Truth - 3rd Eye Chakra       
Science, Vision, Prosperity, Healing, Pure Thought        Gift of healing       

Lady Nada - 6th Ray - Purple/Gold - Peace - Solar Plexus Chakra      
Service, Brotherhood        Speaking in tongues, Interpretation of tongues        

St Germain -7th Ray - Violet - Freedom - Sacral Chakra       
Transmutation, Alchemy, Justice, Mercy        Prophecy, Working of Miracles        

Our students found this course transformational.
Each ray has hugely different energetic qualities.  They are now working on
manifesting their own hearts desires with the 7 rays of creation.  

During this course we bring in the energies of the 7 rays and the Ascended Masters
that are the caretakers of the rays to help us to understand more about ourselves
and what blockages need to be removed from our life so that we can truly live the life
we deserve.  This also is a great course for people whom feel stuck in their life and
know they need to change but don't know how. 

With this course you will receive the following:

- 7 Healings to remove any energetic blockages.

- 7 Led Meditations to open your awareness & expand your spiritual potential.

- Handouts on the 7 rays of creations.

-Healing Meditation cd

- A guide to manifesting your hearts desires.