How to Create Empowered Relationships Course 2016

Whether you are single or in a relationship this program is for you if you are looking to gain awareness and heal the patterns that are moving you away from being present and fulfilled in your relationships.
Romantic - Work - Friendship - Family - Self
This course will be facilitated by
Maria Jesus
and her husband
John Doherty

"Empowered Relationships are about learning to love yourself more through the experience of being with someone else, whether that's your parents, friends, family members, co-workers, etc. "

10 month course payment options


Pay deposit by 7th Jan and receive €60 OFF

Sundays 11.30am - 4.30pm
Dublin City Center
  1. Inner Male &  Female  10 Apr
  2. Mother  &  Father Wounds 24 Apr
  3. Inner - Child 8 May 
  4. Victim Caretaker Perpetrator Archetypes 29 May
  5. Saboteur Archetype 19 Jun
  6. Fear / Trust 3 Jul
  7. Rejection / Source of Love 17 Jul
  8. Control / Freedom 31 Jul
  9. Separation / Connection 14 Aug
  10. Empowered Relationships 28Aug


Pay deposit by 7th August and receive €60 OFF

Sundays 11.30am - 4.30pm
 Dublin City Centre
  1. Guilt / Innocence 18 Sept
  2. Shame / Truth 16 Oct
  3. Betrayal / Love  20 Nov
  4. Disempowered / Power 11 Dec
  5. Absent / Present 22 Jan
  6. Inner Teenager  26 Feb
  7. Selfish / Selfless / Service wtih Self-Care 26 Mar
  8.  Love as attachment, detachment and love as a State of Being 23 Apr
  9. Personal Values 28 May
  10. Empowered Relationships 25 Jun

Pay Plan: €275 non-refundable deposit
and then 10 monthly payments of €85

10 monthly payments of €85

The syllabus

Each workshop covers a different important theme. However it is not conceptional experience participants bring their own current or past experiences which creates real-time emotional, mental, and spiritual integration of the themes that we all experience in our lives. 

1.- Inner Male & Inner Female

The energies of both genders and why we need to integrate them. We explore the concept of duality.

2. Mother  &  Father Wound 

We can only give love if we have it for ourselves, we cannot give what we do not have, and the same is true of our parents. We learn how to connect with our inner-parents so we can parent our inner-child.

3. The Victim Archetype

Responsibility and blame, how we attract what we currently are.

4. Fear / Trust 

Discover how to identify illusionary ego fear and come from a place of love and self trust.

5. Rejection / True Source of Love 

Understand why no one has the power to reject or abandon you and what is the true source of love.

6. The Inner - Child 

How to give them what they need so that they stop running the show!

7. The Saboteur Archetype 

Resistance and fear of change, the gift that fear brings how to act in accordance with your own values.

8. Control / Freedom 

learn how to have healthy boundaries true freedom and let go of the need to control

9. Separation / Connection 

Learn what separation is, co-dependency, connection with the self, balance and centered ease.

10. Empowered Relationships

how it all relates together, the fundamentals simplified as tools for life wrap and review.


Benefits of the Course

  There are two types of suffering; conscious and unconscious. Understanding suffering consciously  - learn the gifts and opportunity it brings.

   How to empower yourself to become whole again.

   How to separate from your drama and that of your loved ones.

   Recognizing and silencing negative inner voices and parental voices.

   Self trust love and acceptance.

   True presence.

   Non judgement.


   Learn how we attract our hidden parts and how to integrate those parts.

   Become aware of how to set healthy boundaries.

   Learn about the people and situations that cause you pain - how we can integrate  assertive healthy empowerment.

   Non judgment of our own and others’ pain.

   Learn who and what you attract changes as you become more aware and integrate your wounds.

   Learn about guilt and responsibility for others feelings - their beliefs and realities are causing the pain in the same way that your beliefs and expectation cause your own pain.

   Learn to take ownership of your own stuff.

   Gain freedom and honesty in your choices and actions.

   Learn about the multiple aspect of ourselves and how difficult situations trigger younger wounded aspects.

   The qualities of the soul - what we are all striving back toward, and how embodying these qualities help to navigate our choices from a positive feeling honest place.


Who is the course for?
It’s for anyone that wants to improve the quality of their life. Life’s richness is all about our relationships, they define us and can bring us joy, pain, happiness, learning and growth. Our life is more colourful when we can honestly connect with others. Work life becomes easier, friendships deepen, family life is more harmonious and our romantic relationships become healthy and flourishing.
Reviews from previous participants

“I really enjoyed the Empowered Relationships course. During the ten months Maria Jesus helped me to gain a valuable insight into my life and understand the issues that were causing me pain. With her constant support I was able to make real changes and I feel that I now have the tools to find peace and to move forward. The nurturing environment at the meetings and the support of the group allowed sharing and healing, and I'm so grateful for the friendships that I have made. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you Maria Jesus”

Mary, Co.Wicklow

“There is no doubt in my mind that this 10 month course changed me in ways that I didn't think possible and it  has really enabled me to grow as a person and learn about myself, notice everything and become aware of people and their feelings, everything that's happening in my life. I I definitely learned who I really am from these workshop. I learned invaluable lessons about life. The people were very honest and trusting everyone else in the group to share our inner selves. One lesson that I will never forget from is that the source of love is within me. Whenever I feel empty due to rejection or abandonment, I reconnect with myself. I set clear intentions in my life and this course taught me the power of doing this. It really is life changing and if you get the opportunity to do it, grab it and you will find true meaning in your relationships, friendships and life”

Daphne Co. Meath

“The Empowered Relationships course gave me insight to my very way of ‘BEing’ with others.  The course taught me to look within myself in order to understand my outside world and my relationships.  Today I incorporate the concepts taught by Maria Jesus while I continue to develop the relationship with myself. My relationships with my family, friends and colleagues have become stronger because I am getting to know ME.  That’s Empowering!!!”

S.K. Dublin

"The Empowered Relationship course is essential to anyone who is on the path to self discovery and improvement. I've learned so much about myself and changed completely on the inside. This course is guaranteed to bring major shifts and help you bust those unhelpful patterns that you want rid of! In the group setting, it is easy to share and which enables us to learn even more about ourselves. Maria is very intuitive and knowledgeable and the combination of these makes the course individual to each persons needs. If you want to self improvement and to have better relationships then this is the course to do - it does exactly what it says on the tin - you will be empowered :) I could go on..  and on ... and on and tell loads of stories of the difference it has made but I guess it won't fit on your webpage :)"

 Love Noelle

"Doing the empowered relationship course has changed all my relationships in ways I couldn't have imagined, family, friends and colleagues have commented on the positive change in me. We  bring real life challenges to the workshops, if you're open to learning there are always light bulb moments. Life itself brings you the lessons but doing this course with Maria Jesus has brought so much clarity. Maria's insight into our core issues is both frightening and enlightening.  I now see 'challenges' and conflicts as key to being the best that I can and loving myself more. We cannot give what we don't have."


"I met Maria when I was in a really dark place. It was just after a terrible fight with my best friend that resulted in her leaving the house we rented. She has been one of the closest people I knew for the last 20 years .After this fight the relationship ceased and I felt like i lost a family member. My partner moved in and instead of 'happily ever after' we started fighting, we fought endlessly. I was exhausted. He was exhausted.
We were playing 'I will leave you game' all the time I felt lost, insecure, I didn't have anyone close to talk to. I didn't see a way out. I instantly connected with what Maria was saying. Meeting her was like a light in a tunnel. I understood that happiness lays inside not outside. I understand that the relationship I need to work on first is the relationship with myself. Once I started to love and respect myself all other relationships changed. I found a way to talk with my friend and even though the friendship is not the same as it used to be I know that when I really need her I can count on her and when she needs me she can count on me. It is a lifelong process. I learn how to deal with my emotions and do not take in my partner emotions. I learn to give myself & others little gifts everyday for instance flowers or kindness, I think I am becoming a better person. Each conversation brings me closer to the real me

Thank you Maria, You are the light :)"

Monika, 33 living in Dublin, Ireland

"When we accept the love from another, we are loving ourselves. Can we ever be pain-free? Only when we accept our human experience: sadness, loneliness, separation, and so on are not the root cause of pain but the way that we express our disconnection from ourselves..."